The secret to having great interviews is in the preparation.

Hi, my name is Ron and no one has placed more IT professionals in the same amount of time than I have. I have been one of the top Technical Recruiters in the US for near a decade, placing qualified candidates at both small and large companies. There are many factors that have contributed to my success but none more important then my relentless desire to prepare every candidate for every step of the interview process. The more I did my homework to learn more about (the role, company, culture, people, technologies, prior interviews, the interviewers etc.), the better my candidates did. The more I took the time to understand my candidates strengths and weaknesses the better my advice became. Interviews are only challenging if you make it. Like anything else in life, preparation is key. Let's win this job search together!

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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I share the positions I am applying to?

This can happen before during and even after the consultation.

Do I need to use the resume service to also get interview coaching and preparation?

No, whether you use our resume service or not we are still able to prepare you for any interview and provide each feature under every package.

How effective is your interview preparation service?

Over 85% of people who use our service receive the position they were targetting.

Who prepares me for the interview?

Ron Smith! As a top Technical Recruiter in the US for near a decade I take the responsibility, time, and effort to ensure every person who uses this service gets the support needed to see results.

What happens after I schedule my consultation?

After booking the day and time of your consultation, expect a call from us on that scheduled day and time. We will reach-out before hand in good faith and look to collect any material(s) you may have to best prepare for the call.