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Resume Writing

We take an in-depth story telling approach to get to know as much about you as possible. What differentiates us from any other service is our ability to then take your story and use our IT staffing and recruiting industry knowledge to best align your background with what you are looking to accomplish in your next opportunity. The most important steps in our process are preparation, consultation, documentation, skill-set analysis, technical writer review, and customer follow-up. Our industry leading 24-hour turnaround time is a product of our mission to delivery great service but is also an important part of the values we share.



We do an initial preparation and analysis of your skill-set prior to the call. Our analysis utilizes recruiting tools to uncover the resumes of other professionals with a similar background. We take these steps to understand more about where your current resume may rank in a crowd of competition. We then review your resume and annotate areas of improvement for your resume format, skill-set alignment, and career details to best prepare for your consultation.

​The Consultation

The Consultation is our favorite part of the process. This is when we take the time to get to know everything about you. Our consultation run from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on what you have to share. To summarize the consultation, we first get a solid idea about what your career goals are, what positions you are hoping to apply to using your new resume, and general information about you both personally and professionally. Along the way, we ask more specific questions with a goal to uncover more beneficial details. To best capture all you have to offer, quality documentation on our end is key.


During the consultation you speak with an expert in the IT staffing and recruiting field alongside an expert IT Documentation Specialist. The documentation specialist is technical and able to capture everything from the conversation in as much detail as possible.

Skill-Set Analysis

While crafting your resume our biggest differentiator is our ability to use our recruitment database to better identify and compare your resume to the resumes of other professional who are also looking to accomplish similar goals. This real-time market knowledge allows us to see where your current resume stands in a crowd of competition.

Technical Writer Review

Once we finally put your resume together our technical writer then reviews and edits your resume for grammar, punctuation, and technical alignment.

The Delivery

Another very important part of our process is ensuring that resumes are completed within 24 hours. On average it takes us about 8 hours to get your resume to this stage after the consultation. We prioritize the work of all our customers and strongly believe that the sooner we can get the resume from consultation to completion, the more accurate the resume will be.

The Follow-up

In less than 24 hours we complete 100% of every single resume we do. Once emailed, we follow-up with our customers to see how their experience was and make sure they know that if they are not satisfied, we will continue working with them unit we get it right!

How Our Process Works 

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