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Hi- I'm Jacky and I am TekResume's first customer

I was laid off from a large technology company and left the corporate world to start my own business. I had good years and bad ones and after 3 years of working for myself I figured it was time to start looking for jobs again. I looked and applied for near 2 years with no success. What I never realized after leaving the IT field was just how challenging it would be to get back to work. In 2 years I applied to over 100 jobs across the US and was only able to attain 2 initial interviews. The elephant in the room was the experience gap on my resume. I remember receiving a call from Ron, an IT Recruiter calling about a Java Developer position with a mid-size company in Florida. I cautioned him about the struggles I faced just to get a simple interview. Like no recruiter did before, he helped me revise my resume. The most important thing he did was to understand me, what my situation was, and what I was looking to accomplish for my career. His efforts to understand this and work with me accordingly is what I believe was the "secret sauce" behind how I got back into the IT field. 

Who is TekResume?

At the forefront of the technology industry, TekResume is a minority-owned resume writing company that serves the entire United States. With support in all 50 states, TekResume strives to deliver the best resume writing, and other professional service options to the Information Technology community. As an active advocate for the increase of American workers in Information Technology, we make it our mission to provide ways to reduce the gap between technology careers and the education, training, and tools needed to make it happen. From raising awareness and sponsoring programs that can enable our veterans and undergrads, to partnering with organizations during a layoff; our long-term goal is to provide more necessary services that can reach and grow the entire IT community. 

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Embrace and concur challenges in pursuit of success 

I'm Ron and I started TekResume using my 10+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition and the IT Staffing and Recruiting Industry with a mission to create the most effective, interview-winning IT Resumes. When I started college at Florida International University, I wasn't sure at the time what exactly I wanted to do. After realizing my junior year that Biology was not the major for me, I ultimately decided to learn more about business and graduated with a BBA in Marketing. My first job out of college was in Talent Acquisition which ultimately allowed me to find my true calling: Helping business and people find the right fit. 

I have led Technology Recruiting and IT Talent Acquisition strategy across the US working with Tech Start-ups and Enterprise Corporations to find the best talent in their fields and industries. The most valuable thing I've learned over 10 years is how impactful a great resume can really be. 

Over 10 years of experience building effective IT Resumes 

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